Rep. Robert DeLeo puts the State ahead of your town.

Last week a group of legislators lead by House Minority Leader Rep. Bradley Jones drafted a resolution to level fund local aid. Passage of this resolution would have gone a long way toward protecting cities and town from more budget cuts. Our towns have already taken a disproportionate share of budget cuts last year.

As we reported earlier, this resolution was not even allowed to  be heard on the floor of the legislature. By avoiding a vote the leadership provided political cover for Senators and Representatives who are willing to balance the state’s budget mess on the back of our schools, police and fire departments again this year.

Because there was no vote, we will never know for sure everyone who was against this resolution. We can be certain that at the very least Rep. Robert DeLeo, Sen. Therese Murray, and Sen. Steve Panagiotakos had to be against it because they have wide discretion in what makes it to the house floor and on all budget matters.

We do know which legislators signed on to the resolution, and I have a list of them below. If your Representative is on this list, contact them to thank them. If they aren’t on the list ask them why didn’t they stand up for local aid? Those who signed on to it, especially Democrats, took political risk to do it. Make sure you thank them for standing up for you.

  • Rep. Jim Arciero (D)
  • Rep. Brian Ashe (D)
  • Rep. Jay Barrows  (R)
  • Rep. Bill Bowles (D)
  • Rep. Vinny deMacedo (R)
  • Rep. Steven DiNatale (D)
  • Rep. Jim Dwyer (D)
  • Rep. Lew Evaneglidis (R)
  • Rep. Paul Frost (R)
  • Rep. Sean Garballey (D)
  • Rep. Colleen Garry (D)
  • Rep. Susan Gifford (R)
  • Rep. Bob Hargraves (R)
  • Rep. Lida Harkins (D)
  • Rep. Brad Hill (R)
  • Rep. Don Humason (R)
  • Rep. Paul McMurty (D)
  • Rep. James Miceli (D)
  • Rep. Jeff Perry (R)
  • Rep. George Peterson (R)
  • Rep. Smitty Pignateli (D)
  • Rep. Betty Poirier (R)
  • Rep. Karyn Polito (R)
  • Rep. Angelo Puppolo (D)
  • Rep. Michael Rodrigues (D)
  • Rep. John Rogers (D)
  • Rep. Dennis Rosa (D)
  • Rep. Richard Ross (R)
  • Rep. Frank Smizik (D)
  • Rep. Todd Smola (R)
  • Rep. Joyce Spiliotis (D)
  • Rep. Thomas Stanley (D)
  • Rep. Dan Webster (R)

You will notice that many of the legislators who signed on to this are in contested races. When they have to fight for their seats they are more willing to stand up for you. Never let them take your vote for granted.