Charlie Baker

Delegates at the Republican Convention today voted overwhelmingly for Charlie Baker, giving him an overwhelming 89% of the vote. Candidate Christy Mihos garnered only 11% of the vote, well below the 15% that it would take to qualify for the Republican Primary. Republican party leaders say Baker’s margin is the largest in recent convention history.

With Mihos out of the race, and no other primary challengers, Baker won’t have to fight a potentially difficult primary battle, and can concentrate on the race against Tim Cahill and Gov. Deval Patrick.

It was widely expected that Mihos would have had a tough time at the Republican Convention. Mihos was a long time Republican supporter and contributer when in 2006 he broke with the Republican party to run for Governor as an independent, spending $4 million of his own money competing effective for votes against Republican candidate Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey. His campaign was a factor in Deval Patrick’s win.

Mihos was contrite after today’s loss saying:

“Just being an outsider, it’s a tough go … I tried the best I could, and I stepped on a lot of toes, and maybe I paid a little bit for that today.”

Baker has wasted no time in attacking the status quo in Massachusetts saying at his acceptance speech:

“He says he wants to finish what he started,’’ Baker said of the governor, drawing jeers. “He thinks that Massachusetts is heading in the right direction. Well, governor, tell that to hard-working families making due with less, while the state payroll continues to rise and political appointees fill jobs after ‘nationwide searches.’ ’’

He went on, “If one of these two insiders wins in November, they’ll just do what they’ve done for the past four years: wring their hands about cutting services to the bone, while they back their trucks up to the loading dock of state government and fill it up to feather their cronies’ and their special interests’ nests on your dime.’’