The Republican Governors Association began a massive advertising campaign today attacking State Treasurer Tim Cahill, with a ‘7 figure’ ad buy, featuring ads that attack Cahill for being financially ‘reckless’ and ‘corrupt’.

The ad campaign includes a web site, The Cahill Report hosting the ads, and a twitter campaign (#CahillReport) to distribute them virally.

The buzz started when Cahill’s Political Director warned on twitter last night:

“Baker going HUGE with negative ads on Cahill and only Cahill. They’re desperate after poll last week showed them third.”

Then WBZ’s Jon Keller posted on his blog last night that the RGA had made a ‘7 figure ad buy’ for the ad campaign against Cahill. MassBeacon has been tracking the story overnight.

The ads include, a 30 second spot that goes through Cahill’s many corruption scandals, including making reference to the ‘Pay to play’ scandal where Cahill is accused of giving out lottery contracts in exchange for campaign contribution, a story we covered in detail. There is a similar 15 second spot, and one where a frightened Cahill receptionist warns a caller about all the scandals at the Treasurer’s Office.

30 Second ‘Reckless’ ad

15 Second ‘Reckless’ ad

Receptionist ad

I’ll have political analysis later.