Mike Walsh

Attorney Mike Walsh, Democract from Westwood, officially announced his candidacy for the Suffolk and Norfolk State Senate District. (Westwood, Norwood, Dedham, West Roxbury, Roslindale and Hyde Park )

State Rep. Mike Rush is also running for the seat, but he has been dogged by his close ties to the Probation Department Patronage Scandal. It’s a dirty and fascinating story about how insider politics works in Massachusetts.

His two challengers, Democrat Mike Walsh, and Republican Brad Williams have booth been running partly on a platform of reform of the long standing patronage problem and clean politics generally. And Walsh addresses it directly in his announcement:

Attorney Michael (“Mike”) Walsh has announced his candidacy for the State Senate seat in the Suffolk/Norfolk District, which includes Boston (ward 20, sixteen precincts of ward 18 and two precincts in ward 19), and the towns of Dedham, Norwood and Westwood.

In announcing his candidacy, Walsh said he is “running for State Senate because hard-working families are struggling in these challenging economic times and strong leadership is needed. Massachusetts is tired of the arguments, innuendos, gamesmanship, deals and patronage that have come to characterize the state legislature.”

Walsh was born the son of a retired Boston Police Officer and a retired Vice President of Meetinghouse Cooperative bank in Dorchester, both of whom were from Mission Hill. He grew up in Dorchester, the oldest of four, and lived in West Roxbury for eleven years. He moved to Westwood four years ago.

Michael Walsh is an attorney with a distinguished, unblemished career. His career includes 22 years of aggressively representing working individuals and their families. “Living in the City of Boston and now Westwood,” Walsh said, “I have a personal knowledge of a wide variety of people and neighborhoods, and have acquired the life skills needed to fight for the things that matter to the entire district.”

A Democrat who believes strongly in the values of the Democratic Party, in the State and US Constitutions, and in defending them and their provisions, Walsh has never held an elected government position.

  • He is disappointed in the patronage, lobbyists and self-service at the expense of tax payers that seem epidemic in government, and promises to fight these practices and keep them from polluting the Suffolk and Norfolk District’s public service and representation.
  • He believes in being fiscally responsible to the taxpayers.
  • He believes in term limits and representing the will of the citizens of the Commonwealth.
  • He believes that a solid education with good public schools (in all neighborhoods) will make us a stronger Massachusetts and the leader in this Country.

“As Senator, I will work for you each and every day,” said Walsh, adding that he will “meet with businesses to develop increased economic opportunities and create jobs, and work with primary care physicians to fix the Massachusetts health care system by containing costs.” Communication, strong leadership and standing his ground will be hallmarks of his Senate service, he said. “I have learned to listen to you, return phone calls and work to get results,” he promised. “When elected, I will not forget these vastly important life skills.”

Walsh is having his Kick-off/Fundraiser on Wednesday June 23, 2010 at the Norfolk Golf Course at 6:30PM.

Walsh also sends voters the following message:

Think running for office is political? Try getting endorsements. Nothing is more discouraging then spending time answering the questionnaire after questionnaire about how you feel and how you would vote as the next senator, if legislation were proposed on a certain topic, only to have your effort wasted by a sham of a process. For example, after first announcing my candidacy for State Senate I was asked to complete an association’s questionnaire. (The Association will remain nameless at this point, but let’s say you find its membership at every hospital.) After answering favorable to most, if not all questions and stating the reasons substantiating my opinion, the endorsement of this association was posted on my opponent’s website. No phone call, no interview, no courtesy explanation. Lesson learned.

Another and still discouraging endorsement was by the very union that I serve as of counsel to, representing the membership for most, if not all workers’ compensation claims. They have decided to support the state rep.  Fortunately, my clients will support me and get the word about my dedication, my character to the membership. How do such things happen? Politics. No, not the politics I know and believe, but the “politics” we have let our country become by standing on the sidelines and watching. When we stand on the side, we let special interests take control.

I have been called a pit-bull by my opponents and guardian angel by my clients. I am humbled and flattered by both. I never forget, nor will I forget, that I work for my clients. I must do what is best for them. Not for me, or for my benefit.

If you ‘re satisfied with the direction this country is headed, then continue to stand by the side, don’t vote, don’t volunteer, don’t get involved.

I’m running because I care. I care about the future; the future of this state, this country. I want to change the direction for my children, for your children and grandchildren. I want our future to be better, but I can’t do it alone. I believe one person can make a difference when elected. So what will you do this year? In September? In November?

The choice is yours, I’ve made mine. www.mwalsh.com

“Leadership is a potent combination of character and strategy. But if you must be without one, be without strategy.” General Norman H. Schwarzkopf Jr.