Ray Medeiros

We received an update from Ray Medeiros who is running for Representative in the 9th Representative district, (Dartmouth, Freetown, Lakeville, New Bedford). Ray is an electrician with a young family. His campaign’s message is focused on advocating for working families.

His message follows:

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.  I am Ray Medeiros and I am running for the 9th Bristol State Representative seat.  I am a proud blue collar professional. I have been a licensed electrician for close to a decade.  My main concern and the #1 reason why I am running is because I believe that Boston is lacking the perspective of the working class man and woman.  Beacon Hill is filled with people from various professions, whether they are Lawyers, Doctors, Business owners and the occasional educator.  What I believe is missing is the perspective of the working class.

I will be the defender of working families and small businesses. Too often we see and hear about millions of our tax dollars in this Commonwealth going to large corporations as subsidies and tax breaks leaving little behind for working families and small businesses.  By bringing the so-called “outside” budget into the “real” budget we can see how our tax dollars are being invested in regards to subsidies and tax breaks.

I will work to bring good paying jobs to Massachusetts and the 9th Bristol District.  I am highly in favor of the Bio-Park and Casino.   I have also issued a working class education proposal that will provide students the tools needed for industries that are coming in the future, for example Bio-Life and Green technologies.  We need to have a workforce ready and trained in these industries now so we can attract good paying manufacturing jobs in the future.