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Age, Sex and Race Playing a Significant Role

The race is tightening. In the latest Rasmussen Poll, Patrick who last polled at 45% has seen support drop to 41%. He is still seeing benefits from good economic news. Before recent reports of an economic turn around Patrick was polling in the low 30’s.

Baker continues to rise. As the number of voters with no opinion of Baker shrinks he is seeing his poll numbers rise as expected. Probably not as quickly as he needs to, but the differential between Patrick and Baker is narrowing.

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Suffolk University/Channel 7 has released its latest poll on the Governor’s race essentially confirming the results of the Ramussen poll from 2 weeks ago.

It shows Governor Deval Patrick gained significantly as Tim Cahill’s support has crashed.  Jill Stein had a surprisingly strong showing of 8%, which indicates that many progressives are looking for alternatives to Patrick.

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Yvonne Abraham has an excellent editorial in the Globe this morning with some quotes from our elected officials which shows just how out of touch Beacon Hill has become.

Tim Cahill asked about his involvement in the patronage scandal:

“Does that not happen in government all the time? Obviously, it is part of the political process.’’

What’s he hoping to do? Demoralize us into giving up on democracy?

Michael Travaglini, head of the state’s pension fund, is resigning because the state is considering imposing caps on bonuses. At $322,000 per year, he is already one of the highest paid employees. He had this to say:

“I have a wife and three children, and I’m going to provide for them. Someone else can hang around for that, but it’s not going to be Mike Travaglini”

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

William Flanagan

For 10 years now officials in Fall River have lobbied the state to invest in the development of a biotechnology park in the area – the SouthCoast BioPark. And over the past few years the state has invested about $70 million dollars on road improvements for the industrial park, including a new highway ramp off Route 24.

Meanwhile in the background casino interests have been working to build support among local officials to turn SouthCoast BioPark into a resort casino. By “working” I mean making campaign contributions to Fall River mayor William Flanagan.

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Jill Stein

Today Jill Stein released her 2009 tax return to the media. In what has long been an electoral tradition, candidates for high elected office often release tax returns as a way of helping voters understand the class background of the candidates.

Candidates for high office are often millionaires, but they try when possible to convince voters that they understand the problems of regular people. And candidates will often try to paint their opponents as being out of touch with common citizen.

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RGA’s Negative Ads Work – But do they Benefit Patrick more than Baker?

From Rasmussen’s poll analysis:

“Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has gained ground over the past month and now earns 45% of the vote in his bid for reelection against Republican Charlie Baker and independent Tim Cahill. That’s a 10-point jump from a month ago and the Democratic incumbent’s best showing in surveys stretching back to June of last year.

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For the past two weeks Tim Cahill has been under a withering attack by the Republican Governors Association. Backed by a massive million dollar ad campaign, the ads are everywhere and likely to continue for weeks.

Last week, Cahill responded with a quick web only Scott Brown style response from his kitchen. Today, Cahill released another more polished rebuttal.

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Tim Cahill

I thought the governor’s campaign would go negative, but not this soon, not this hard, and not from the Republican candidate. Recent polls show that Patrick, Cahill and Baker have roughly equal support. Patrick has negatives around 60%, and voters haven’t heard of Baker by a similar margin.

So, with limited room for Patrick to grow his support, and with Baker having so much running room, I thought the race would be to define Baker in a negative way before he gets a chance to define himself to voters.

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The Republican Governors Association began a massive advertising campaign today attacking State Treasurer Tim Cahill, with a ‘7 figure’ ad buy, featuring ads that attack Cahill for being financially ‘reckless’ and ‘corrupt’.

The ad campaign includes a web site, The Cahill Report hosting the ads, and a twitter campaign (#CahillReport) to distribute them virally.

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Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill wants to bring slot machines to Massachusetts. Even though slots have no economic benefit, it’s not surprising that Cahill is promoting them because slot machine manufacturers have been major contributors to his political campaigns for years.

Cahill supports the legislature’s casino bill. He’s trying to distance himself a little bit now by saying that he only supports ‘most’ of it. He claims that he’ has been too busy to read it all.

“I’m running a campaign, and I just haven’t had time to sit down and plow through it all.”

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