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Eric Dahlberg, a candidate for the 3rd Middlesex Senate District, has called out the legislature for failing to pass health insurance ‘plan design’ for cities and towns.

A central feature in Massachusetts health care reform is the creation the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) Health Insurance law. All private entities and the state government benefit from the reduced health insurance costs. Read the rest of this entry »

Candidate OCPF
» Susan C. Fargo (D) $28,363 (incumbent)
» Eric Richard Dahlberg (R) $11,406
» Sandi Martinez (R) $20,547
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Eric Dahlberg

From WickedLocal:

The Eric Dahlberg for State Senate campaign last week announced that former Gov. Paul Cellucci has signed on to the campaign’s Steering Committee as honorary co-chairman. Cellucci joins Honorary Chairwoman Lucile “Cile” Hicks, who represented the Third Middlesex District in the State Senate from 1990 to 1996.

With more high profile political support Eric Dahlberg’s campaign keeps getting stronger. Read the rest of this entry »

Sandi Martinez

Bentley University Republicans organized an informal event Friday to meet Republican challengers to Susan Fargo’s state senate seat. 24 hours before the event Sandi Martinez cancelled her appearance citing that because of a change in format she was no longer willing to appear.

This resulted in only candidate Eric Dalberg showing up – and the event became a one man forum for Dahlberg to put forward his own plans.

Dahlberg was surprised by Martinez cancellation:

“The kids from Bentley reached out and asked me if I was interested in a debate and I said yes. I wouldn’t invent that it was a debate. With that sense of entitlement, (Martinez) might think of wanting to become a Democrat.”

Details on this in the Lowell Sun.

Eric Dahlberg

Eric Dahlberg

Susan Fargo has represented the 3rd Middlesex district since 1997. This year she has a serious challenger in Republican Eric Dahlberg. He is another Republican running on a platform of responsiveness and independence and invoking the mantle of Scott Brown. He is getting campaign help from the previous Senator from the 3rd Middlesex, Lucile Hicks.

There is an article about him on WickedLocal. His campaign web site is here.

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