William Flanagan

For 10 years now officials in Fall River have lobbied the state to invest in the development of a biotechnology park in the area – the SouthCoast BioPark. And over the past few years the state has invested about $70 million dollars on road improvements for the industrial park, including a new highway ramp off Route 24.

Meanwhile in the background casino interests have been working to build support among local officials to turn SouthCoast BioPark into a resort casino. By “working” I mean making campaign contributions to Fall River mayor William Flanagan.

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Jill Stein

Today Jill Stein released her 2009 tax return to the media. In what has long been an electoral tradition, candidates for high elected office often release tax returns as a way of helping voters understand the class background of the candidates.

Candidates for high office are often millionaires, but they try when possible to convince voters that they understand the problems of regular people. And candidates will often try to paint their opponents as being out of touch with common citizen.

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Grace Ross

Update: Confirmed, Ross doesn’t have enough signatures and won’t be on the Democratic Primary Ballot

According to Secretary of State William Galvin, Grace Ross is well short of the required number of signatures to make it on the gubernatorial primary ballot.

Ross had to submit 10,000 signatures by May 4th, which were due to be certified by today at 5pm. Galvin told the Boston Globe today that they have certified only 5,700 signatures of the 10,000 she needs. When reached for comment Ross said “We are going have an announcement in the morning.”

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Charlie Baker

For a few weeks now we’ve seen a mysterious poster on twitter promoting a web site to political activists called “masshadenough.com“. It was a single page that asked “Had enough of high taxes, political corruption and insider deals?” The source of the messages and purpose of the site was unknown.

Today we found out – that page was a promotion for Charlie Baker’s speaking tour this week. He’s going around the state making his case for reducing taxes, and fixing the endemic corruption we’ve had over the past several years. The tour starts today in Framingham and will end Thursday afternoon at the State House.

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John Keenan

Update: Confirmed – John Keenan does not have enough signatures and will not be on the ballot for Salem Rep.

He filled out his signature forms incorrectly and is currently short 1 signature to qualify for the ballot.

Three term Democratic Representative John Keenan had three pages of signatures disqualified because he failed to fill them out incorrectly, leaving him with just 149 of the 150 signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

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The North Attleboro Republican Town Committee is sponsoring the first Republican Candidates Debate for the 3rd Congressional District.

The debate will be held on Tuesday, June 15th, from 6:30 to 9:30 at the Cobb Theater, North Attleboro High School, 1 Wilson Whitty Way in North Attleboro. All five Republican candidates running in the primary against Sen. Jim McGovern will be present:

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Nick Iannuzzi

Nicholas Iannuzzi is running for the 3rd District of the Governor’s Council currently held by Marilyn Petito Devaney. Iannuzzi is running as an independent and hopes to be “a diligent and independent reviewer of the Governor’s recommendations.” Iannuzzi is has been a litigator in the area of family law, and touts his real world experience appearing before judges.

As we have done with a few other candidates, we conducted an email interview with Nick Iannuzzi.

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Cynthia Creem

Sen. Cynthia Creem may be Softening her Position Against Alimony Reform.

Creem has long been an opponent of Alimony Reform. When the current Alimony Reform bill (H1785) was introduced this year, Creem introduced a counter proposal S1616, sponsored by the various bar associations which would make a single two word change to the current law, and preserve current lack of guidelines. The lack of guidelines make Alimony notoriously contentious to litigate and expensive for both the State and litigants.

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RGA’s Negative Ads Work – But do they Benefit Patrick more than Baker?

From Rasmussen’s poll analysis:

“Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has gained ground over the past month and now earns 45% of the vote in his bid for reelection against Republican Charlie Baker and independent Tim Cahill. That’s a 10-point jump from a month ago and the Democratic incumbent’s best showing in surveys stretching back to June of last year.

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Ross Wins!

Lack of Democratic Support and Divisive Primary Costs Smulowitz

Richard Ross defeated progressive newcomer Peter Smulowitz by a decisive margin.

In the best of circumstances this was going to be a tough election for Democrats to win. The sourthern part of the district is heavily Republican. Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley here by margins of 4-1 in many places. Had the Democracts been behind Smulowitz – it would have been possible to win with a lot of hard work.

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Peter Smulowitz

Supporters of Ross and Smulowitz have been out in force today turning out the vote for their candidates. The twitterscape is alive today with messages to get out the vote.

Progressive Activists out in Force for Smulowitz

Smulowitz has been getting a huge amount of support from progressive activists. Charles Rudnick, a progressive candidate for Senate from Brookline has been out knocking on doors for Smulowitz, as has Sarah Compton, former field Director for Obama for America MA, and Harmony Wu, prominent progressive organizer for Yes We Can Needham. Smulowitz phone banks were mobbed with supporters today, and phone banks have been set up in many other towns as well, from the Sourth Shore to Northampton.

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Candidate OCPF
» Thomas J. Calter III (D) $12,119 (Incumbent)
» Ben Wilson Burns Quelle (R)
» Joseph M. Truschelli (R) $530

Calter co-sponsored Alimony Reform (H1785)

Help us make this the most complete Massachusetts Election 2010 Resource
Are you a candidate for this race? Or do you know something that we are missing? Please let us know. We’ve gathered this candidate list from the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s list of registered candidates. We may be missing independent candidates who have not yet been certified. If your candidate has a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube page that we haven’t listed please sent it in. If you are a candidate and would like to add a statement, or improve your biography please send it to us. Email us at editor@massachusetts-election-2010.com

Charlestown District Court

Legislative Payback to Judges is Part of Long Standing Tradition

Rep. Mike Rush sponsored a budget amendment that was adopted into the House budget that directs Justice Robert Mulligan to move the offices of the Chief Justice for Administation and Management (CJAM) from prime downtown office space to a dingy 3rd floor office space at the Charlestown District Court. The amendment was inserted by Robert DeLeo in a closed door session, without public debate.

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Bob "Monty" Thomas

Robert Montgomery Thomas has reached out to us with a statement on why he’s running for state Representative in Weymouth. Mr. Thomas has run for this representative seat several times, and for Weymouth Mayor. His statement is interesting reading, and gives some insight into Weymouth politics. We also have a video from his 2007 run for Weymouth Mayor.

In response to your March 14 blog “Rep. James Murphy Has Many Challengers in Weymouth”, which I came across by accident, I would like to add my comments and some much-needed clarification. My name is Bob Montgomery Thomas, the non-Party candidate for state rep in Weymouth. Read the rest of this entry »

Needham Town Hall

Democrats in Needham have been trying to heal the division between Smulowitz and Harkins supporters.

On Wednesday there was a “Democratic Unity” meeting at a private home in Needham. In attendance was John Walsh, the Democratic Party Chair, and a large number of old guard Needham Democratic activists. Peter Smulowitz was there, and though Lida was invited she didn’t show.

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For the past two weeks Tim Cahill has been under a withering attack by the Republican Governors Association. Backed by a massive million dollar ad campaign, the ads are everywhere and likely to continue for weeks.

Last week, Cahill responded with a quick web only Scott Brown style response from his kitchen. Today, Cahill released another more polished rebuttal.

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Alimony Reform almost certain to get a second extension. Shared Parenting and CORI Reform on life-support.

This year’s deadline for legislative committees to act on bills was March 17th. Any bill that was not referred out of committee or extended on that day is dead for this legislative session. But a committee may give certain bills and extension order – this year until May 7th.

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Yet the Republican Governors Association’s target isn’t really Tim Cahill

The RGA released a new ad today targeting Tim Cahill, in an attack that seems to be long term and coordinated. Starting about a week ago the RGA began a campaign blitz of television and internet advertising critical of Cahill.

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Peter Smulowitz

Democratic infighting threatens other Needham Democratic candidates as well.

The election for the Norfolk Bristol and Middlesex Senate seat is just a week away. Progressive Democratic activists from around the state are working overtime to help Smulowitz win. There are call centers set up not just by the Smulowitz campaign, but by activists in Arlington and as far away as Northampton. Activists at BlueMassGroup have been raising money for Smulowitz. Katherine Adam has organized a fast growing independent facebook group to raise money for Smulowitz. Democratic super-activist Harmony Wu, a major organizer for Barack Obama, has been giving Smulowitz her full attention.

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