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Deval Patrick

Polling firm Public Policy Polling released its latest latest poll about Massachusetts. It’s bad news for Deval again:

Do you approve or disapprove of Governor Patrick’s job performance?

Approve …………. 22%
Disapprove ……… 59%
Not Sure ………….. 19%

This is one of the lowest approval ratings of any Governor in America. It’s lower than Jon Corzine who was recalled. More troubling for Patrick is that only 19% of the respondents are “not sure.” To make headway he has the difficult job of converting people who already have a negative opinion. He has an almost 3-1 ratio of unfavorables.

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Charlie Baker

A recent poll by Suffok University/7News shows Charlie Baker surging in the polls, and Deval Patrick’s numbers looking increasingly weak.

In the Republican primary, Baker is well ahead of Mihos 47-17%. So assuming that Baker stays ahead, then in a match-up of Patrick, Baker and Cahill breaks 33/25/23. Patrick is still leading – but not by much.

There are months of campaigning ahead and Baker is still not well known to voters. Even in this latest poll 70% of voters either had not heard of Baker or were undecided. Read the rest of this entry »

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