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Tom Hallahan

Thomas Hallahan is a candidate for Governor’s Council in the 1st District. Tom works as a tenured professor teaching courses in education policy and social justice. He also works as a policy consultant for the Department of Public Health and MassHealth. Tom has a long history of involvement with numerous non-profits doing work in the areas of youth engagement, substance abuse, mental health, AIDS, health care policy, equity/access to education and the arts. He serves on the board of directors for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and is a member of a number of NGOs doing work in the areas of inclusive education & disability rights in Cambodia and South Africa.

As we have done with a several other candidates, we conducted an email interview with Dr. Hallanan.

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Governor's Council Districts

This first question most people have is – what exactly is the Governor’s Council? Its most important function is to confirm judges. It’s really the only place where the public has a voice in the process. Some people argue that it’s an outdated institution that should be abolished. We disagree. The people should have a say in these lifetime appointments.

Sadly the Governor’s Council is a rubber stamp for the governor. Out of 23 nominations, all 23 were appointed. Only a few Councillors are independent.

This is going to be an interesting year for Governor’s Council because this year we have three Councillors retiring: Carole Fiola, Michael J. Callahan and Thomas J. Foley. Governor’s Council is an obscure position, it doesn’t pay much, $26,000, and it’s nearly impossible to unseat an incumbent Councillor.

There are only 8 districts, each being much larger than even a Senate district. So, running a campaign is notoriously hard. Last year 7 of 8 districts had challengers and all 8 incumbents were re-elected, including Kelly A. Timilty, who was accused of forging an endorsement from Gov. Deval L. Patrick on the eve of the primary. Because the districts are so large, either you have to have name recognition already, or you have to spend a fortune on advertising. Of the current 8 Councillors, three are from politically connected families with strong name recognition ( Timilty, Iannella, and Fiola ).

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